Wholesale Floral Supplies

FiftyFlowers gathered the best useful flower supplies for you and we have them all in one collection! Vases, wires, foam bricks, cutters, and more are all available here. Every arrangement needs special care and requires special tools to get the most out of the flowers you are putting together. Selecting a good combination of tools is very useful not only to get the job done but also to keep everything neat and coordinated. Shop our collection of wholesale floral supplies and make your arrangement prepping process so much easier and better!

OASIS Florist Netting, Green, 12 Inch


OASIS Floral Adhesive

from $36.59

OASIS Standard Floral Foam Bricks

from $62.99

OASIS Florist Wire, 18 gauge 18 Inch

from $94.99

OASIS Double Foam Brick Tray

from $50.99

Design Egg Floral Supply Tool

from $61.79

OASIS Triple Foam Brick Tray

from $92.99

WEDDING BELLE Bouquet Holder, Grande

from $50.99

OASIS Jumbo Cage


Table Centerpieces 36 Glass Cylinder Vases with Candle


OASIS Floral Foam Maxlife Brick 2 Pack

from $34.19

OASIS Bind Wire

from $44.99

Abby Compote Flower Vase

from $104.99

OASIS Florist Netting, Green, 18 Inch


OASIS Floral Scissors

from $37.79

Aquafoam Instant Standard Brick


Design Pillow Floral Supply Tool

from $61.79

OASIS Garland, 9 Ft

from $74.99

ADVANTAGE Plus Floral Foam Brick


OASIS Instant Deluxe Floral Foam Bricks

from $97.79

Simply Lush Hydrangea Centerpiece Trio


DIY Pins Choose Your Own 4 Colors Set


OASIS Free Standing Cooler Bucket, 13 inche


OASIS Floral Foam Maxlife Brick 6 pack

from $44.99

Cylinder Vase, 7.5 Inch


OASIS Standing Sphere, 8 Inch

from $44.99

OASIS Wire Easel


FLORACAGE Holder, Grande


OASIS Clear Tape, Quarter Inch

from $34.19

OASIS Waterproof Tape, Half Inch

from $54.99

OASIS Cube Foam, 4 Inch


OASIS Mache Wreath, 18 Inch

from $71.39

OASIS Floral Cake Foam


WEDDING BELLE Bouquet Holder, Large

from $50.99

OASIS Pointed Water Pick


OASIS Florist Wire, 19 gauge 18 Inch

from $78.59

OASIS Florist Wire, 16 gauge 18 Inch

from $92.99

OASIS Branch Cutter

from $50.99

OASIS Ring Holder 8.5 Inch

from $47.39

OASIS Floral Foam Maxlife Brick Single Pack

from $30.59

Snowy Pearl DecoBeads


OASIS Wire, 20 Gauge, Quarter Pound Paddle

from $62.99

OASIS Greening Pins

from $25.79

OASIS Florist Wire, 22 gauge 18 Inch

from $83.39

OASIS Florist Wire, 20 gauge 18 Inch

from $50.99

OASIS Design Ring, 14.5 Inch

from $55.79

LOMEY Pewholder with OASIS Floral Foam, Large

from $92.99

Wedding Flower Arch Kit

from $309.99
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