Vintage Barn Wedding Flower Story

This was a second marriage for both of us - decided to do a full wedding so we could bring our families together in a fun way. We both love antiques, old houses and all things vintage, and I LOVE flowers! The Brick Walker Tavern was able to bring our interests together for a perfect venue for us.

Color scheme - Burgundy, blush, ivory, gold & white

Flower vibe - not overly made up and everywhere, complimented by LED candles. I knew I wanted a lot of flowers and also to be able to arrange them DIY - I have many years of gardening experience and my daughter is a wedding coordinator, so we had a lot of vision and ideas. We had many people helping with arrangements - every centerpiece, swag, bouquet, etc. was made by one of us and people brought their own creativity to our sample photos. The barn was more rustic looking than our wedding vision was so the flowers made it more feminine and softened the look.

We used mix-matched small and bud vases for the guest tables. Vintage and large glass vases for other tables and areas. Each was slightly different when assembled, but that added to the vintage/natural feel.

The flowers on the arch were held together with wire and braiding of the greenery.

I was initially skeptical of ordering flowers off the internet and them being good - especially getting them days ahead of the wedding - but if they are processed as recommended (cutting and flower preservative) they really do hold up. I had flowers around the house for weeks afterward. Customer service is great - there was a slight mix-up and I got something I did not order and was missing another flower I did - had the correct item the next day. I could never had the amount of flowers I did without FiftyFlowers - thank you!

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