Tulips are a beautiful focal flower perfect for a Spring wedding or a Mother’s Day Gift! With 5 varieties of Tulips, and a large selection of colors available, we make it easy for you to find inspiration for your wedding, event or gifts. Pair these beautiful Tulips with Heather, Dahlias, El Aleli, and Israeli Ruscus

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Bulk Tulips at FiftyFlowers

How to care for tulips?
How to buy tulips in bulk?
Where to buy bulk tulips?
Why you need our bulk tulips for sale?
Ideas for tulip flower arrangements

Nothing says spring or warm weather like our beautiful bulk tulips. FiftyFlowers tulips collection offers various rich colored versatile tones, 5 varieties of tulips, and colorful tulip flower assortments. Tulips are a perfect focal flower in arrangements to celebrate, gift, or for your DIY Weddings. Each of our Tulips have their symbolic meaning located in the product details. Pair these beautiful flowers with our hypericum berries and greenery to enhance all your arrangements! Purchase with confidence by trusting FiftyFlowers for all your flower occasions.

How to care for tulips?

Spice up your home or events by purchasing our premium varieties of tulips in bulk. Once you click on the tulip of your choice, below the flower you’ll find the Flower Care tab. It describes in detail how to take care of your tulips when they arrive. It’s important to note that they will come looking thirsty but once hydrated they’ll look beautiful.

Basic Flower Care Instructions on wholesale tulips flowers:

  • Remove the Tulips from the box then remove the plastic from the tulips.
  • Cut about 1 inch off your flower and place stems in prepared water with the flower food that’s provided.
  • Place flowers in clean buckets or vases, you may need more than one. Make sure to avoid crowding of flowers (more than a bunch of flowers in one.)
  • Keep in a cool dark location until your event or until it’s ready to be used.
  • If water gets cloudy make sure to change water to keep your tulips fresh.

Important notes about Tulips:

  1. Tulips will arrive closed, but once placed in water it will grow and bloom substantially.
  2. Tulips are phototropic, which means that their blooms follow the light. Place tulips underneath the light if you want a straight stand tulip.
  3. It’s important to note that tulips do have a natural bent, refer to the Flower Care tab if you have any questions.

Also located in the Flower Care tab is the stem length, bloom size, expected vase life, and recommended delivery date for that tulip. The recommended delivery date for these flowers is to order 3 days before your wedding or event, so they have enough time to bloom. If you have any questions or concerns about your tulips please contact our customer service line.

How to buy tulips in bulk?

Our tulip flower farms are located right here in the United States. We offer 5 varieties of bulk tulips at FiftyFlowers which include, standard, parrot, fringe, french and double tulips to choose from. It will state on the title which tulip is which. Refer to the Flower Care tab for a more detailed description on these tulips.

  • Standard Tulips: Bloom size is 1 inch with a stem length of 10 to 12 inches.
  • French Tulips: Bloom size is 2-3 Inches with a stem length of 22 inches.
  • Novelty Tulips: Bloom size is 2-3 inches with a stem length of 12 to 16 inches. Our Novelty tulips include our Fringed and Parrot tulips.
  • Peony Tulips: Bloom size is 3 inches with a stem length of 12 to 16 inches. Our Peony tulips include our double tulips.

Each has a vast color palette and are unique in looks. Our seasonal tulips are Novelty and Peony Tulips, the exact days vary for each flower so if your delivery date is showing unavailable please contact our customer care.

Tulips are shipped with 10 stems per bunch and each stem has one wholesale flower. Our stems per bunch with tulip flowers can range from 50 tulips all the way to 300 tulips. The prices vary based on the amount of tulips and vary on the type and color of tulips. Make sure to read the description for each flower tulip. This will tell you a description for each of our bulk flowers to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Buy tulips in bulk at FiftyFlowers today to receive top of the line quality! Purchase with confidence by ordering through our website, FiftyFlowers.com. Located on the left, there's an option to filter by color and by the flower type of tulips. This is used to help you find exactly what you’re looking for effortlessly, for wholesale flowers online at FiftyFlowers.

Where to buy bulk tulips?

Here at FiftyFlowers, we offer leading quality in fresh cut flowers for bulk tulips online. We are with you every step of the way from choosing your flowers, to delivery, and even once you receive your bulk tulips! We also offer free shipping on all bulk flower orders. Check us out on our social media platforms, @FiftyFlowers on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest! Browse through our wholesale tulips today at FiftyFlowers.com.

Tulips are from the United States available around the world with free shipping. Purchase bulk tulips at FiftyFlowers, we are the leading quality in wedding flowers, DIY flower combos, and our best selling wholesale tulips! We also offer free shipping on all of our flowers! We have a live award-winning customer service team that will help if you have any questions regarding your flower related questions. We’re available Monday-Saturday for any questions to make ordering tulips in bulk easy.

Why you need our bulk tulips for sale?

Tulips continue to be seen as a popular inspiration in fashion as seen in a multitude of styles and prints from past inspiration as well as present. They’re also seen in party supplies, whether it's flower arrangements or paper napkins, tulips are a source of inspiration! Tulips are also seen as a spring flower in many holidays and celebrations. They’re diverse, elegant, and simplistic to create arrangements or use on their own. These wholesale tulips flowers will not be slowing down in trends or in the spot as one of our bestsellers.

Tulips are the focal flower in a lot of spring weddings, they’re used as table centerpieces, on arches, wedding aisles, and as bridal bouquets. Tulips take the spot of sunshine flowers and the representation of warm weather and spring. It has become the ideal Mother’s Day gift to celebrate and is used in various events because it can be used with simplicity. Our wholesale tulips flowers are a gorgeous exciting bloom that you need in all your arrangements and centerpieces.

Check out our homepage every month for any trending inspiration for the upcoming season or holidays. For even more inspiration, check out our Flower Stories or our Flower blog page for an endless list of flower possibilities!

Ideas for tulip flower arrangements

Tulips will complement all your springtime events, whether that’s gifting or weddings. Here are some ideas on how to take advantage of the beauty and diversity of tulips at your wedding:

  • Tulip Vases Centerpieces: One of the most popular ways to utilize tulips is to place a bundle in a vase for a simple yet elegant look. Elevate them by playing with the vase size at your wedding.
  • Arch Arrangements: Say I love you under a tulip arch at your wedding this season. Make it white and dainty or gorgeous bold red for a unique staple at your wedding.
  • Bridal Bouquet: Match your tulips to your wedding colors and arrange to your liking along with beautiful greenery for extra volume and texture.

Our tulips wholesale suppliers offer quality fresh cut flowers that come in a variety of colors. For more ideas or questions you have on bulk tulips, schedule a consultation. We’re happy to help fulfill your wedding and flower dreams.