Texas Garden Wedding

I have to be honest, the idea of planning a wedding didn't excite me. I am the worst at making decisions and there are ALOT of decisions to be made when planning a wedding. Luckily I have the most amazing husband and support system who helped throughout the whole process. One of the major stresses I had was the flowers. I picked the wedding venue based on its natural "garden" beauty and wanted to keep florals to a minimum. I spoke with a few local florists and they were quoting way more than I had budged for and I couldn't justify the added expense. One of my best friends suggest I "DIY" the flowers and she mentioned that she had used Fifty Flowers and loved the experience. My friend knows that I am challenged when it comes to crafts and growing up, my very talented and crafty sister would always have to "fix" any art project I had because I was that bad. So the thought of DIY for my wedding was ABSURD! Well, after a bottle (or two) of wine, we were scrolling through the Fifty Flowers website to brainstorm ideas and watched Youtube videos on creating bouquets and arrangements. The next day, I randomly called Fifty Flowers to see if they could offer suggestions and to my surprise Violet had an immediate opening and walked me through my cart and made suggestions based on the date and time of year of my wedding. Violet was so helpful and calmed my nervousness about "DIY'ing" my flowers and shared a very detailed email on how to prepare for the big day!
Fast forward to the day before my wedding, I was still stressed about the floral arrangements and how it would all get done, my best friend decided to take off work and create all my floral arrangements for me! I know, shes amazing!! She created the plan, gave my bridesmaids and family tasks and next thing you know, it was done!! I honestly couldn't have imagined how perfect they all turned out and all through the night I was getting compliments on the arrangements because they looked THAT good! I can't believe I spent just over $500 and was able to create everything I needed and more! I couldn't have done it without the amazing friends and family that supported me along the way and also the AWESOME support of Fifty Flowers and Violet:)

P.S. My wedding was just a few weeks ago, so all of these photos are from my phone... As soon as I get the photographer photos, I will update!

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