Successful Spring Blue & Orange Wedding

Am I ever pleased that I decided to use FiftyFlowers to source my wedding flowers! After much research, I decided on FiftyFlowers in order to make my floral vision come true at an affordable price. My now-husband and I planned our budget carefully and I knew I\'d never get the floral I wanted by going with a commercial florist - this was an area I wasn\'t willing to sacrifice at all. So I carefully constructed and debated my floral choices and ordered right after Valentine\'s Day the following flowers: light orange carnations, orange dahlias, dark blue hydrangeas, hot orange roses, orange Peruvian lilies, and orange and white rose petals. I ordered the hydrangea package which included the roses in addition to the orange Peruvian lilies and assorted greenery. When placing my order, I found out that the light orange carnations weren\'t listed as being available for my April delivery, but upon using the online chat was able to confirm that indeed light orange carnations could in fact be delivered. Score #1 for FiftyFlowers customer service! After placing my order, I waited the two ensuing months praying and hoping my flowers would be all I imagined. Then the emails arrived announcing the shipment of my flowers! Right on schedule, FedEx delivered early on the delivery day. As the boxes were unpacked and the flowers processed I was ASTOUNDED at how gorgeous the order was. Even my then-fiance was impressed and he\'s not a flower guy!! We cut, watered and fed the flowers and placed all the buckets in a separate bedroom with the blinds drawn and a fan on high so they could open and keep cool. Even in just a few hours time they were opening and looking perfect. Upon unpacking my rose petals though, I discovered that I was only shipped white petals instead of orange and white mix. FiftyFlowers did indeed call me to confirm my shipment (in addition to delivery emails). I simply relayed the oversight and was asked to text a few pictures showing the white petal shipment. Within a few hours, I was called back and received confirmation of a shipment of orange roses that we could pull the petals off of as a replacement. Score #2 for FiftyFlowers customer service! We received the replacement light orange roses the very next morning in time for my mom and bridesmaid to help me make all the floral arrangements! While the guys went golfing the three of us made my bridal bouquet, two bridesmaids\' bouquets, eight guest table centerpieces, two bar arrangements, the cake table flowers, AND a guest sign-in arrangement. The guest table centerpieces were also favors and held flags with the guest names in order to do double duty - have lots of flowers on the table AND provide a little gift of appreciation. Some people even asked to take home the wine goblet centerpiece in addition to the small glasses! We had flowers leftover that we couldn\'t find a place for! In total, it took about 4-5 hours for the three of us to cut and arrange all those pieces (and granted the favors were a lot of cutting). The arrangements exceeded everyone\'s expectations and our venue even commented at how fresh, bright, and simply magnificent the flowers were - it felt GREAT to say we did it ourselves with the help of FiftyFlowers. I\'d recommend the site to anyone and would use you again in the future to order bulk flowers!!!! As a final note, these pictures are from our photographer and no the color was not touched up :-)

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