I knew that I wanted simple, and sophisticated florals, and that I wanted to do them myself to save some money. The flowers were just out of control beautiful! We were warned that because I live in Canada and the wedding was on a Tuesday that the flowers would REALLY have to be taken care of. We set up our laundry room with a window air conditioner, and black garbage bags to block out the light and had the air going day and night on the lowest setting. Not only did all of them last, the ones that broke off I saved in a jar and made into the boutonnieres. They bloomed PERFECTLY for the wedding! My sister in laws put together all the mason jars, bridesmaids did their own bouquets, and I did my own all in a small hotel room! The bridesmaids and I then put together the boutinerres for the groom, 5 groomsmen, fathers and grandfather. The remainder of the roses were given to our decorator to do as she pleased. She filled empty spaces, made a stunning garland for the head table and everything lasted all night long!

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