Rustic DIY Colorado Mountain Wedding!

When my (now) husband and I got engaged, we knew we wanted a beautiful Colorado Mountain wedding and as we were looking we found the perfect venue in Camp Hale. As we continued planning we looked into flowers and discovered how expensive they can be through a florist! I have a creative streak in me and decided that I would be able to DIY our flowers if I had the right help. I fell upon Fifty Flowers and was immediately hooked. Their customer service was excellent. They assisted me with coming up with a vision for my wedding flowers and provided suggestions of flowers that would be the best to work with at the time of year I wanted to do the wedding. After placing my order, they worked with me to ensure that I had everything I needed and upon delivery they were there to make sure I knew how to prep and process the flowers. Doing my own flowers was a LOT of work, but they turned out BEAUTIFUL. I was so happy with them and got so many compliments on the flowers. If you are up for a project I highly recommend using Fifty Flowers for your wedding or event. We were thrilled!

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