Romantic Garden Wedding

When my daughter asked me to do the flowers for her wedding, I was not sure I would be up to the task. I had limited experience working with fresh flowers and the pressures of a wedding can be overwhelming. In addition to that, she was getting married in early August in Arkansas with an outdoor wedding planned. I was unsure how the heat and humidity would affect the flowers. However, all my worries were put at ease as I ordered the flowers and spoke directly with the company. Right after I placed the order, I had a call to verify the details. We really wanted the garden roses to be fully opened for a Saturday event. I thought we would need to have the flowers delivered on Wednesday, but I was encouraged to wait until Thursday to have them delivered. I could not have been more pleased. As the pictures show, the roses opened up beautifully and were my favorite part of the wedding. The eucalyptus was easy to work with and made beautiful fillers. I even had enough to make to wreaths for the doors. I had a great experience with Fifty Flowers and highly recommend them to others.

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