New England Mountain Wedding

We were married in June on the top of Gunstock Mountain in Gilford, New Hampshire and had a small lakeside reception in my husband's parents backyard. We always knew we would tackle a few larger projects, and the flowers were at the top of my list. We had the best time arranging the flowers with a small army of family and friends. Loved our experience with FiftyFlowers! I am so, so glad we decided to go this route. If you are crafty and have a few people to help you, don't be afraid to tackle this project! (Just make sure you have tons of 5 gallon buckets. You will need them!) One thing: we also ordered a few flowers not captured in the above order, because I ordered additional flowers separately from FiftyFlowers. We also ordered: 40 Coral Peonies, 5 bunches of Honeymoon Pink Freesia, 5 bunches of Green Thistle Flower, and 10 bunches of Isreali Ruscus. The peonies were off-the-charts beautiful-- 5 stars, no regrets. The Freesia was also a great choice; different shape than other flowers we selected, so they were great in the bud vases. The Green Thistle Flowers added a lovely texture to the centerpieces. Lastly, the Isreali Ruscus made amazing garlands!

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