May Wedding in Minnesota

I knew right away that I had wanted to do my flowers myself. My sister-in-law had, and it just seemed like so much fun (and so much more budget friendly)!! This was one part of the wedding planning that I was excited to do myself. I love flowers, and with our wedding date set in May- I imagined lots of green, and of course, flowers everywhere! I researched a couple different wholesale options before landing on Fifty Flowers. The variety, the different services, the ease of delivery, and customer service were what sold me. I was able to easily get as many flowers as I hoped with the budget we had set aside for them. Being it my first time ever doing flowers, I went a bit conservative and only order flowers that seemed classic, hearty, and easy to manage. The whole process was more fun than I imagined, and the flowers were so lovely and fresh. It was also easy to supplement whatever I felt lacking with just a quick run to the market the day before the wedding. I followed the directions for delivery dates and flower care-and they held up wonderfully (even for an unexpected 95 degree day in May- in Minnesota!).

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