Marie + Garrett, Industrial Chic

Our theme was industrial rustic chic, I knew I wanted tons of greenery. We used it in our centerpieces, around different tables of decor and signs etc. We had PLENTY. I knew I over-ordered but we had probably a good 2 large vases FULL of extra greenery that we set in the windows. It was the easiest process ever. All we did was get the greenery delivered to our door, cut the ends and place it in buckets of water until the big day and then my aunts took it from there. They seperated and arranged everything but they said it was really all very easy. It was nice to work with and not a big mess. Smells great too! I would highly recommend greenery for any bride who isn't stuck on flowers. I am so glad I did and it saved me over $2000 on centerpieces and garlands.

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