Lynzie & Collin's DIY Wedding

The flowers we purchased from fifty flowers were perfect for our DIY wedding. We did almost everything ourselves! Having bought from fifty flowers made it possible to have everything I wanted without the huge cost. I was amazed when we received them because most of them were in a box without water but they still looked amazing and really came to life when we placed them in water. I had all my bridesmaids come over to help make their bouquets and the groomsmen's boutonnières 2 days before our wedding. It was fun to get together before all the craziness started!
We went to set up at our venue the day before our wedding. I bought the wet floral foam to add a flower arrangement to my wedding arch but didn't end up having time to make it so in the midst of trying to explain to my husband how to make the flower arrangement, the manager of my venue (who happened to be a former florist) offered to make it for me. It ended up being a beautiful addition to my arch, she did a fantastic job!
We also bought bulk rose petals that we lined up the aisle of our ceremony with the baby's breath. It was Pinterest perfect! Our flower girl also used the flower petals. She was very shy and the only way we could get her to take pictures with us is to have her throw the flower petals like she had practiced at home. The flower petals scattered across the ground set us up for some really cool pictures. My favorite is the shoe shot. Sometimes the things that happen by accident are the best things.
We also added baby's breath to my bridesmaids hair which made for a nice finishing touch.
I just loved having so many flowers to be able to do a variety of different things with them! Sometimes you don't know you need flowers somewhere until that day!
Thank you inphinite photography for capturing our beautiful flowers!

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