Issa Dream DIY Wedding Flower Story

Like most(if not all) of you, I can rave about how truly amazing our flowers from Fifty Flowers were. And it's so nice reading about how Fifty Flowers made our dreams reality. So, I just wanted to share my "flower story"... I couldn't have been more excited when the love of my life Kenneth asked me to marry him.
We started the wedding planning immediately but soon realized if we wanted to make our vision of a December wedding a reality in just over 4 months, we needed things to go as smoothly as possible. So we got to work but sure enough everything that could go wrong did.. from a virus going through my family days before the wedding, booking the wrong hotel for the officiant, groomsmen misplacing their pants, bridesmaids jewelry not arriving in time, my veil and reception outfit being finished just hours before the wedding......... oh, AND my fiancee not having a ring until the day of the ceremony, and me only having time to write my vows the morning of the wedding because I was sick in bed.. and that's just the issues from the few days before the wedding, not counting everything before then. But with all that, one thing I never had an issue with was the flowers. I was nervous about ordering from Fifty Flowers given the small window that you have to hit in order to have time to arrange them and have them still look good for the wedding. But the ordering process was so easy, the suggested delivery dates were dead on and they arrived exactly when they were promised. Which was a huge blessing because having real flowers was so important to me. My love of flowers and all things from the earth runs deep. My mother, grandmothers and aunts are/were all avid gardeners. Some of my earliest memories involve being in the dirt "helping". So to be surrounded by beautiful real flowers on my wedding day was just a given. To have my family (primarily my Aunt Barbara) arrange them was a no brainer. And of course her being such a gardener, she contributed some of her own.
I looked at several places online and Fifty Flowers had the best selection and prices by far. So, the flowers arriving on time and looking great was just a huge relief. I was SO pleased with how the centerpieces and bouquets turned out. Everything came together so beautifully and the wedding was a dream.
❤ Mrs. Issa

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