Happiness Is a Princess-Like Bride and Her Queenly

Megan and Alex got married on the first of September, at a setting beneath the serene willows with their lovely family and cheering guests close by. As their florist, Katrione's Blooms fashioned her bouquet, along with those of her maid of honor, four bridesmaids, and two junior bridesmaids. I picked the bone-colored dahlia to be my focal flower, and it proved utterly princess-like, standing proud and tall in a pillow of hydrangeas, surrounding the taller dahlias like ladies in court. The bridesmaids' bouquets had some of the smaller dahlia blooms and even these were pleasant compliments to mauve asters, carnations, and alstromerias, with base hydrangeas and wispy fillers completing the bridal theme. I would have to admit I labored over the choice of special flower, knowing fully well (having used dahlias before) how fragile and delicate they are) but I wanted the challenge and so this time I made sure I gave them a lot of care, and rested them in water with flower food, until the last minute before handing the bouquets to the wedding party. When asked how she liked the flowers, elegant bride Megan could only smile and whisper "they are beautiful". I strongly agree. The bone dahlias order from Fifty Flowers proved their worth. They are stately and elegant, and I have the handling details mastered to a T. Thank you for the energy of behind this all--mother of the bride, Maribeth and dad, Greg. Thank you Fifty Flowers, for making my customers happy.

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