Flowers For Events

Do you need flowers for your upcoming event? Look no further! Our Flowers for Events collection includes a variety of options for your wedding, birthday, bridal shower, charity event, and more. Choose from ready-to-go arrangements, garlands, or centerpieces that come pre-made, or take a DIY approach and order bulk, wholesale flowers. We also offer smaller arrangements that are great for fundraising or passing out at your event!

Cinnamon Twist Centerpiece


Crimson Fire Statement Centerpiece

from $99.99

Burgundy Blast Wholesale Centerpieces

from $184.99

Red Themed Event Decorative Flower Arrangement

from $114.99

Valentine's Day Single Red or Assorted Rose Bouquet for Fundraising

from $159.99

Garden Love Rose Centerpieces

from $89.99

Monochromatic Red Bouquetta Centerpieces

from $109.99

Holiday Party Centerpiece

from $184.99

Tinsel and Pine Rose Centerpieces


Wedding Centerpiece Red Sass

from $184.99

Christmas Tradition Table Centerpiece

from $109.99

Flower Centerpiece Delicate Romance

from $114.99

Valentines Day Red Event Flower Arrangement

from $94.99

Sweetheart Pink Flower Centerpieces

from $89.99

Love & Comfort Centerpiece


Red Classic Wedding Centerpieces


Dozen Red Rose Centerpieces

from $179.99

Valentine's Day Three Red Roses Bouquet for Fundraising

from $149.99

Ladybug Red Hypericum Garland


Red Meets Sunflower Centerpiece

from $89.99

Cotopaxi Gold Flower Centerpieces

from $79.99

Peach Sangria Hypericum Garlands


Orange You Happy Centerpieces

from $144.99

Red Farm to Table Centerpieces

from $124.99

Cherries Jubilee Flower Centerpieces

from $104.99

Bridal Centerpieces Fresh Yellow and Red Flowers

from $179.99