DIY Flower Combos

Create your own wedding bouquets and wedding arrangements with our wholesale DIY Wedding Combos. Focal, filler, line flowers, and greens are all packaged together, giving you a variety of wedding flowers in one kit. DIY Combination Boxes are offered in just about every flower, color, and flower kit size, so there's something for everyone! Check the Product Details tab on your favorite DIY Combo to find the best delivery date. Check out how you can make your very own wedding  flower arrangement with any of our designer DIY Flower Combo Packs.

Winter White DIY Combo Pack

from $99.99

Monochromatic White Combo Pack

from $69.99

White Blooming Spring Combo Pack


Vintage Velvet DIY Flower Combo Pack

from $159.99

Royal Blue Textured Filler Flower Pack

from $99.99

Southern Belle Combo Pack

from $64.99

Papier Mache Textured Filler Pack

from $79.99

Simple Garden Fresh DIY Pack

from $69.99

Varsity Blues DIY Combo Pack

from $69.99

DIY Wedding Flowers Garden Delight


White Textured Filler Flower Pack

from $99.99

Tropical Passionfruit Combo Pack

from $74.99

So Fresh, So Green Combo Pack

from $64.99

Vintage Yellow Combo Pack

from $79.99

Simply Modern Lily Pack


June Wedding Flower Pack

from $109.99

Royal Wedding Flower Combo Box


DIY Wedding Flower Accent Box


Natural Dried Tropical Pack


Eucalyptus and Fresh Flower DIY Combo Pack

from $529.99

Kale Garden Party DIY Flower Mix

from $349.99