Burgundy Church Wedding

I received so many complements on my flowers. My photographer even told me these were the best she has seen, many people tell me I should be a florist, and people ask me flower advice all the time! Buying my wedding flowers from FiftyFlowers was one of the best wedding decisions I made. But it did not start out that way.

I knew that I enjoyed decorating and wanted to save money and had no idea where to start. My cousin recommended FiftyFlowers after she took a floral arranging class in college. FiftyFlowers did not disappoint!

I talked twice to Violet on the phone and explained to her exactly what I was looking for- lots of greenery, very large bouquets. She created a recipe easily and all I had to do was listen to him. That Wednesday I had so many packages of flowers. My whole office was just flowers. You will not be short on flowers- trust me. And it smelled heavenly! I basically enlisted a whole army to help me arrange flowers: my mom, my aunt, my sister, and 4 friends. Take off Friday (and maybe Thursday) because you will need it! With all the help I was able to make the flowers in about 6 hours. I never practiced and now I am hooked on arranging my own flowers!

My one mistake was the boutonnieres. They ended up very floppy because I made them the Thursday before for a Saturday wedding. I would recommend buying the little plastic pieces to keep them hydrated and make them the day of or night before. I also wish I spent more time learning about how to make flower crowns. The bouquets were the easiest to make! Spend more time looking into the other ones.

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