Bridal Shower Flowers

I was very indecisive about where to order my wedding flowers. Do I order from a florist, pay a lot of money for the flowers, and pay someone to arrange them? I had prioritized my budget and flowers were not at the top of it. These flowers were ordered as a "trial run" for my wedding so I could see the quality and the actual color in person before the big day. I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing the flowers turned out. The roses were big and beautiful and stayed beautiful for a week and a half! The carnations were very pretty, as well, however, they were a bit more red than I had hoped. They still turned out nice with the other flowers.

The half of a star that I took off of the review comes from me not being able to get the silver dollar eucalyptus. That was one of the main reasons why I bought this package and I was notified 2 days before my flowers were set to arrive that they were not of good quality and couldn't be shipped. The company was amazing and substituted another type of greenery at no cost to me. They were beautiful too but I had my mind set on eucalyptus and would have loved to been able to get what I had ordered. I understand that it was of no fault of the company and I appreciate that they don't send things that are not of good quality. Overall, the flowers were wonderful!

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