Bleached Flowers

Bleached Flowers are trending wedding flowers that add long-lasting flowers to DIY arrangements. An everlasting keepsake, bleach-dried flowers are timeless.  Today we are seeing lots of blended dried flowers with fresh flowers.  Shop this flower collection to get a good idea of all the flowers which we dry and then bleach at our farms and ship them directly to your arms!

Dried Pampas Grass

from $114.99

Rustic Copper DIY Pack

from $179.99

White Dried Eulalia Grass

from $183.99

Dried Straw Flower

from $120.74

French Vanilla Dried Bouquet


White Broom Bloom

from $36.79

Dried Bunny Tail Grass


Bleached Bell Cups

from $34.49

White Dried Canary Grass

from $126.49

Little Bunny Fountain Grass

from $99.99

Pink Lemonade Flower Centerpiece

from $59.99

Dried Vintage White Floral Buttons

from $34.49

White Dried Nigella Pods

from $126.49

Golden Sands Dried Grass and Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath

from $95.99

Bleached Sago Palms Greenery

from $114.99

Dried Flowers Texture Straw Palm


Dried Babys Breath Bleached Flower

from $89.99

Desert Sun Pampas Grass and Lavender Wreath

from $89.99

Winter Wishes Pampas Grass and Pine Wreath

from $74.99

Linum Flax Bleached Dried

from $183.99

Dried Bleached Wheat Grass


Bleached Gorso Rustic Dried Grass


Sand Dune DIY Bleached Dried Flowers Combo

from $0.00

Simple Sensibility White Dried Flower Arrangement

from $126.49

Dried White Mountain Daisy

from $206.99

Bleached Italian Straw Flower

from $114.99

Botanical Dream Green and White Dried Centerpiece