Beautiful Beach Wedding!

I can't thank you enough for all of your help and advice! I'm not an online shopper, and my friends thought I had lost my marbles, when of all things, I was buying Emily's wedding flowers online! The only problem we had was the water line at the resort had been cut on the first day of delivery, but the resort brought over four 5 gallon buckets of water. We used both the buckets and the water! I wanted a burgundy/plum color hydrangea that was not available, but Lauren and Violet gave me the confidence to try spray tinting! They told me how (Spray, let dry, layer another color until you get the perfect mix..) and the products to buy (Design Master floral Spray), and it worked out was so easy (do it where the wind is cut...I ended up moving into the trash can storage area because I was afraid to get the paint on the shrubs or rental bikes!) I tried it on one blossom 2 days before the wedding, figuring I had time to see what would happen...Friday morning, the day we worked on the flowers, I was thrilled with the results! I got 3 colored sprays...blackberry, terra rosa and burgundy...I held on to the stem and gave it a spin as I gave it an even coat of the blackberry, then burgundy, then tera rosa, then back over with blackberry...every blossom was a little different shade...when wet, the burgundy looked like firetruck red, yes, I panicked at first, but after it dried it was okay...but laying the colors and letting them dry, we could make them exactly the color we wanted. Some had the green showing through more than others, all looked natural, not painted. Everyone couldn't believe they were originally light green! I was pressed for time, so I layered the color while wet, which worked too. Spinning the blossom gave even coats. They dry quickly...only mistake, when I was spraying the blooms for the started to lightly where the water hit the petals first...the paint didn't take...not that anyone noticed. The hydrangea blooms were big enough that on a budget wedding you could easily have the girls just hold one bloom!
For the guy's boutonnieres, Dad's had the calla lily and berries, the Best Man had the freesia, calla lily and berries, Groom's men had the freesia, calla lily and wax flower, and the Ring Bearer had just the freesia and berries. To keep with the beach theme, I glued seashells on the boutonnieres as well!
All in all, the wedding was beautiful! Rain showers stopped 15 minutes before the wedding was to start, and with the winds on the beach, the chairs were dry. By the time Emily walked down the aisle, the sun was so bright (I was wishing I had sunglasses!), and the sky was so blue. It was gorgeous and everyone commented about how beautiful all the flowers were! Thank you FiftyFlowers!

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