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Wholesale flowers and greenery from FiftyFlowers are always fresh cut and carefully packed for your wedding or special event. Our All Flowers page has over 2,000 types of high-quality flowers, eucalyptus, and other greenery at wholesale prices. Free shipping is included with all bulk flowers. Our experienced customer service team has helped over 50,000 customers find the flowers of their dreams. If you have any questions about our flowers or greenery, please use our live chat or call us at 1-877-507-6737.

Bicolor Yellow with Red Brushstrokes Oriental Lily

from $89.99

Red Fire Dinner Plate Dahlia Flower

from $109.99

Baby Pink n Yellow Dahlia Flower

from $109.99

Mini Calla Lily Sunset Boutonniere and Corsage Pack

from $229.99

Indian Corn Pom Flower

from $59.99

Indian Paintbrush Daisy Flower

from $119.99

Pink Sunset Bulk Dahlia Flowers

from $119.99

Yellow with Red Brushstrokes Dahlia Flower

from $109.99

Rose Petals Yellow with Sunset Tips

from $74.99

Alluring Peachy Pink Dried Rose Petals

from $104.99

Bicolor Pink and Cream Dried Rose Petals

from $104.99

Vavoom Light Orange Dried Rose Petals

from $104.99

Sunset in the Park Dried Rose Petals

from $104.99

Tropical Dip Garden Rose

from $142.99

Two Tone Bulk Fresh Tulips

from $64.99

Autumn Afternoon Mokara Orchids


Yellow Pink Tiger Aranthera Orchids